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| A Variety of Moving Stories

A Variety of Moving Stories

The whole spectrum of human emotion is covered in Kabuki, including the close bond between lord and vassal, the desire for honourable revenge, the bitterness of a lover spurned, or the love of a mother for her child. You can enjoy a variety in just one show! Each programme usually contains three different items: a history play, a dance and a domestic play, so there's a lot for everyone. You may see the grand, heroic world of the ancient samurai in jidaimono history plays; or heart-warming tales about the ordinary townsfolk in sewamono domestic plays; or, in dances, you can enjoy the poetry of beautiful movement.

February at Kabukiza Theatre


February 2 (Thu) - February 26 (Sun), 2017 Tokyo

February at Osaka Shochiku-za Theatre


February 1 (Wed) - February 25 (Sat), 2017 Osaka

March at Kabukiza Theatre


March 3 (Fri) - March 27 (Mon), 2017 Tokyo