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| 'Love Letters from the Pleasure Quarters', (Kuruwa Bunshō).

'Love Letters from the Pleasure Quarters', (Kuruwa Bunshō).

A heart-warming tale of young love set in the glamorous pleasure quarters of old Osaka!

A delicate young man named Izaemon is the son of the wealthy Fujiya family, but he has fallen on hard times. He is deeply in love with one of the greatest courtesans of the city but, having spent so much time and money in the pleasure district, his family has punished Izaemon by disinheriting him. Pathetic in his downfall, he covers his head and face with a straw hat and he wears nothing but a thin paper kimono stitched together from love-letters.

But Izaemon has heard that his former lover, Yūgiri, has been ill and so he makes his way to the teahouse where she works. At first, the servants there make to drive Izaemon away until the master recognises this once honoured customer and welcomes him into the establishment. But when Izaemon is shown into a parlour Yūgiri is busy with another customer. The lonely Izaemon displays agonies of jealousy while he is forced to wait for her, revealing his delightful and humourous nature. We can't help but find this sweet and sentimental man endearing!

Finally Yūgiri enters... the embodiment of pure glamour! She is one of the most beautiful women in Osaka and, as a courtesan of the highest rank, the kimono and hair ornaments she wears are amongst the most expensive and magnificent. The jealous Izaemon is at first cool towards her, but she has always loved him and pours out her emotions until, gradually, the lovers are reconciled. But what will become of the hapless Izaemon? Will true love eventually win the day?

March at Kabukiza Theatre


March 3 (Fri) - March 27 (Mon), 2017 Tokyo

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