| vol.1 Don't understand Japanese?

vol.1 Don't understand Japanese?

Don't worry! You can get the English Earphone Guide (at selected theatres.) This service is easy to use and will provide information in English during the performance. In addition to the dialogue and lyrics, there is explanation about the stories, music, dance, properties and other aspects of Kabuki that may be difficult for non-Japanese visitors to understand. Comments are carefully timed to coincide with the action on stage.

*Please note that the English Earphone Guide may not be available at some performances or theatres. In such cases, there will be English programs available that explain the plays, so please ask at the theatre.

October at Kabukiza Theatre


October 1 (Wed) - October 25 (Sat), 2014 Tokyo

October at Tokyo Shimbashi Enbujo Theatre

October 3 (Fri) - October 27 (Mon), 2014 Tokyo

October at Osaka Shochiku-za Theatre


October 3 (Fri) - October 27 (Mon), 2014 Osaka

November at Kabukiza Theatre


November 1 (Sat) - November 25 (Tue), 2014 Tokyo

December at Kabukiza Theatre


December 2 (Tue) - December 26 (Fri), 2014 Tokyo

Kichirei Kaomise Kogyo [December] at Kyoto MINAMIZA Theatre


November 30 (Sun) - December 26 (Fri), 2014 Kyoto