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      In kabuki, all roles, including female ones, are played by male actors. The actors who sp ...
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| vol.2 All Male Actors

vol.2 All Male Actors

As there are no real women on the Kabuki stage, specialists in female roles are one of the most remarkable features of this theatre! They are called onnagata. Many people, from Japan and from abroad, marvel at the skill of these actors who have trained for many years to perfect this art. But they are not just imitating real women! The onnagata is a special theatrical creation based on artistic convention that has developed over hundreds of years. Other theatre forms in different countries also share a tradition of men playing female roles, such as Peking Opera in China or Katakali in India, but they are not easy to see. Kabuki is one of the rare forms where this great art still thrives!

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