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| vol.6 Invisible Men In Black

vol.6 Invisible Men In Black

In modern business life, the word kurogo means someone who prompts others, but come and see where the term originated... the stagehands dressed in black who help actors with props and costumes. They function as support for the actors onstage, helping them to perform seamlessly so they can always look their best.

There are many other staging conventions unique to the Kabuki theatre, such as the raised passageway called hanamichi that runs straight through the auditorium, bringing the excitement and action of the dramas right into the audience's space.

Even during the performance you may see special staging techniques that will shock and delight you. Especially in dances, the sudden onstage costume changes can be so quick that you'll wonder how they were done, while in some plays a single actor can quick-change from one character to the next in an instant. In one famous example, a wicked priest suddenly turns into the young hero right before the audience's eyes... it's the same actor, but different wig, costume and props. Timed at about 3 seconds, it's the fastest quick-change in the world!

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