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【with English explanation】'Kabuki Cherry Blossoms' are now streaming! /「歌舞伎で楽しむ日本の桜」特集 絶賛配信中!


Cherry blossoms are the symbol of spring in Japan, and the beautiful scenery of spring has long been loved by the Japanese people. Did you know that cherry blossoms are also used effectively in various kabuki productions?

KABUKI ON DEMAND will introduce a total of five works, including the newly added "KYŌKANOKO MUSUME NININ DŌJŌJI", under the title "Kabuki Cherry Blossoms".

This spring, why don't you enjoy Japanese "cherry blossoms" at their height while watching the traditional performing art that is kabuki?


歌舞伎オンデマンドでは 'Kabuki Cherry Blossoms' と題し、新たに配信ラインナップに追加された『京鹿子娘二人道成寺』を始めとする全5演目の作品をご紹介していきます。


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['Two Maidens at Dōjōji Temple'] /『京鹿子娘二人道成寺』

*PRICE: 1,000 yen
*With secondary audio in English /英語副音声付き
*Not available in Japan /海外限定配信

“NININ DŌJŌJI”. "KYŌKANOKO MUSUME DŌJŌJI" is one of the greatest dances in the kabuki repertoire, and "NININ DŌJŌJI", performed here by the two 'onnagata' female role specialists, Bandō Tamasaburō and Onoe Kikunosuke, is a famous variation on the theme. When the curtain rises, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The costumes of the two maidens, both named Hanako, which are changed several times on stage, are also decorated with cherry blossom patterns. The stage is a visual spectacle and is full of cherry blossoms. 🌸→Click here to purchase.

歌舞伎舞踊屈指の大曲『京鹿子娘道成寺』を、坂東玉三郎と尾上菊之助の二人で踊る趣向の『二人道成寺』。幕が上がると咲き誇る満開の桜。舞台上で数回変化する二人の花子の衣裳にも、桜模様が描かれています。まさに桜づくしの絢爛豪華な舞台です。 🌸→ご購入はこちら


['Sukeroku, the Flower of Edo'] /『助六由縁江戸桜』

*PRICE: 1,800 yen (Purchase in Japan: 1,980 yen [tax included])
*With secondary audio in English /英語副音声付き

The chic and glamorous Edo kabuki play "SUKEROKU YUKARI NO EDO ZAKURA" is a great classic in kabuki. Sukeroku, the most famous chivalrous townsman in Edo, here played by Ichikawa Danjūrō XII, appears on stage in the central avenue of the Yoshiwara Pleasure Quarters, where cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Sukeroku appears along the hanamichi wearing his high geta clogs, and displays his graceful movements and form in a famous ‘entry dance’. The oiran (courtesan) procession of Agemaki, played by Bandō Tamasaburō, is also truly gorgeous. This is a play full of highlights reflecting the best of Edo kabuki. 🌸→Click here to purchase.

粋で華やかな江戸歌舞伎『助六由縁江戸桜』。桜が咲き誇る吉原仲之町を舞台に、十二世市川團十郎扮する江戸一番の男伊達・助六が登場。高下駄を鳴らしながら花道から登場し、流麗な所作と形を見せます。坂東玉三郎演じる揚巻の花魁道中もまさに絢爛豪華。江戸歌舞伎の華ともいえるみどころ満載の舞台です。 🌸→ご購入はこちら


['Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees'] /『義経千本桜 川連法眼館』

*PRICE: 1,000 yen (Purchase in Japan: 1,100 yen [tax included])
*With secondary audio in English /英語副音声付き

"YOSHITSUNE SENBON ZAKURA" is one of the three great masterpieces of kabuki that came from the puppet theater. The scene set at 'The Mansion of the Priest Kawatsura' depicts the love between mother and son, with Kitsune Tadanobu (actually the fox Genkurō Kitsune in disguise), played by Onoe Kikugorō, at the center. The Priest Kawatsura’s mansion on Mount Yoshino, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, is decorated with cherry blossom patterns throughout. At the end of the play, Genkurō Kitsune happily returns to his old home amidst cherry blossoms in full bloom. 🌸→Click here to purchase.

歌舞伎三大名作のひとつ『義経千本桜』。川連法眼館の場では、尾上菊五郎扮する狐忠信(実は源九郎狐)を中心に、親子の情愛を描き出します。桜の名所・吉野山にある川連法眼の館には桜の模様が随所にあしらわれています。幕切れでは満開の桜のなか、源九郎狐が嬉々として古巣へ帰っていきます。 🌸→ご購入はこちら


['Pulling the Carriage Apart'] /『菅原伝授手習鑑 車引』

*PRICE: 800 yen (Purchase in Japan: 880 yen [tax included])
*With secondary audio in English /英語副音声付き

The third play of the three great kabuki masterpieces that come from the puppet theater, "SUGAWARA DENJU TENARAI KAGAMI", features the three brothers, Matsuōmaru, Umeōmaru, and Sakuramaru, and offers the beauty of kabuki style in an eye-catching and gorgeous performance. The beauty and power of the three brothers when they stand side by side is eye-catching, with their costumes decorated with designs of pine, plum, and cherry blossoms. Their faces are painted in the makeup called kumadori (shading), and they each strike mie poses that represent their individual characteristics. Sakuramaru will be played by Nakamura Shikan VII, Umeōmaru by Nakamura Kichiemon, and Matsuōmaru by Matsumoto Hakuō. 🌸→Click here to purchase.

歌舞伎三大名作『菅原伝授手習鑑』の三段目にあたる本作は、松王丸、梅王丸、そして桜丸という三兄弟が活躍し、目にも華やかな歌舞伎の様式美をお楽しみいいただける作品です。三兄弟の性質を表す隈どりや見得、松、梅、桜の意匠が散りばめられた装束など、三人が並んだ時の美しさや迫力は目を惹きます。桜丸は七世中村芝翫、梅王丸は中村吉右衛門、松王丸は松本白鸚が演じます。 🌸→ご購入はこちら


['The Five Thieves'] /『弁天娘女男白浪』

*PRICE: 1,000 yen (Purchase in Japan: 1,100 yen [tax included])
*With secondary audio in English /英語副音声付き

In the "Inasegawa Seizoroi" scene from the popular sewamono play "BENTEN MUSUME MEO NO SHIRANAMI", five thieves appear in matching costumes amidst falling cherry blossoms in full bloom. Under the cherry trees, each of the five thieves delivers a famous passage of dialogue, and the famous scene perfectly illustrates the stylistic beauty of kabuki where the stage is like a nishikie (colored woodblock print) that takes one's breath away. 🌸→Click here to purchase.

世話物の人気作『弁天娘女男白浪』の「稲瀬川勢揃いの場」では、満開の桜が舞い散る中、五人の白浪(盗賊)が揃いの衣裳で登場します。桜の散り際の美しさが際立つ錦絵さながらの舞台、五人それぞれの名台詞、歌舞伎の様式美が凝縮された名場面には思わず息を呑みます。 🌸→ご購入はこちら

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